Waiting for the wind

The postponement flag flying limply over the Royal Lymington Yacht Club this morning

The postponement flag over the Royal Lymington Yacht Club this morning

The weather today is different to yesterday, with more cloud cover predicted and the unstable offshore wind that has been a defining feature of the last two days significantly reduced. Currently it’s just 5-6 knots, with some very big holes and is expected to swing into the west this afternoon. At the moment there’s an hour’s postponement, with teams remaining ashore, before leaving the dock at 1100, with the start of the final race now scheduled for 1300.

While the overall winners were decided yesterday, with Graham and Julia Bailey, Keith Tippell and Will Heritage, winning both the Edinburgh Cup and the Corinthian Trophy with a day to spare, the scene is set for an intense battle for the remaining places in both divisions.

Quentin Strauss has been consistently towards the front of the fleet all week and, with Laurie Smith having craned ashore after yesterday’s racing, could take second place overall in the Open fleet. However to do so he will have to win today’s race – a possibility given that the Baileys are also not sailing today. There are then five teams separated by only seven points, all of whom are in contention for fourth place.

In the Corinthian Division, Mark Wade, Eric Williams and Julian Sowry are just five point apart in the battle for second and third places. Behind them, only 6.5 points separate the next five teams.

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