Hooray For Largs!

We must say a most heartfelt thank you to the entire team in Largs who pulled out all the stops for us last week.  The final afternoon and evening really demonstrated just how amazing the team were when the racing ran later than hoped and the boats only got back to the dock just as the lift out team were due to finish work for the day.  Most people would have just left to get on with their Friday evenings with family and friends and left the Dragons to wait until the morning.  But not the Largs Yacht Haven boys and girls who rescheduled all their plans so that they could stay on and work until almost 9pm to ensure that every last Dragon was out of the water that night.

The knock on effect of the late hauling was that the Largs Sailing Club chef and his team had to hold the championship dinner for over two hours.  No mean feat when it featured three delicious courses, each with at least three options, and everything was freshly prepared from local produce that day.  Huge respect to all the club staff and the brilliant volunteer waiting team who all stayed on for many hours longer than they had expected so that the Dragons could enjoy a fantastic dinner and celebrate and honour their new champions.

Thanks Largs – you absolutely went the extra mile and you have been amazing!

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