Message from Captain Riddell in Abersoch…..

Here in North Wales I am not sure the spring has sprung just yet, nor has the grass yet riz, so it’s too early to wonder where them birdies is.

However, the time is right to get a feel for the numbers planning to attend the Northern Championship and the Edinburgh Cup. Planning and preparation is coming together nicely for fabulous racing, delightful shore side pleasure, and the welcome of a heart warming gang of people intent on celebrating everything that’s good about being alive.

England deservedly came out on top in the rugby six nations championship, yet I feel the 2016 Edinburgh Cup will be the contest embracing all the ingredients of a harder fought, cliff hanging, thriller.

The Welsh fleet will include circa sixteen plus teams – of which one team intends an outright challenge for the title.

Ireland will be attending with teams of highest quality, at least three teams with intent, easily capable of victory …..again.

Scotland’s fleet certainly showed promise and speed……the red boat.

England’s teams have all the credentials to stamp their authority on the championship, with an exhibition of skill and quality the Celts will, I am sure……..cherish.

Please could you forward this email to the appropriate fleet captains from the south and Scotland, and ask them to come back to me & you in the next ten days with a feel for their planned attendance for each Championship. Vessel & skipper’s names would be massively helpful.

Obviously we would all rather you actually put your entry form in, but if that’s not possible please can you let your fleet captain know of your plans to attend.  Any foreign teams or non affiliated teams could you possibly email Rob direct ( to let him know of you intention to attend.  Follow the links above for more info.

Look forward to seeing you all in sunny Abersoch, don’t forget your bucket and spade!

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